Henry Rodman

I am a data engineer at NCX where I write code to run our natural capital marketplace. My educational background is in forestry and statistics, but I have spent most of the last decade honing my programming skills on the job at NCX (formerly SilviaTerra). My programming specialty is building clean and elegant systems for processing geospatial data.


Data Engineer NCX, Remote | January 2021 - present

  • Built and maintained multiple pipelines for processing and organizing geospatial data:
    • model training- and prediction pipeline for combining public satellite
      imagery datasets and ground measurements to predict forest vegetation structure for the contiguous US
    • forest carbon assessment pipeline capable of concurrently processing thousands of user-submitted property boundaries
    • NCX’s SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC)
  • Deployed machine learning and Bayesian statistical models in production
    • Python: pytorch, fastai, tsai
    • R: brms
  • Distributed data products to the NCX Platform Team for consumption on NCX’s Landowner Platform
  • Maintained unit testing and CI/CD for multiple Python + R packages and associated processing workflows in GitHub actions
  • Managed and deployed the docker images used for development within the NCX data team
  • Deployed serverless infrastructure for the STAC API and tiling services in AWS using CloudFormation, RDS, and Lambda
  • Explored emerging technologies for analyzing and processing geospatial data and deployed them into production pipelines and platforms
    • e.g. eoAPI, titiler-pgstac, stac-fastapi, stackstac, xarray

Forest Biometrician SilviaTerra, Remote | June 2016 - December 2020

  • Developed processes for generating forest inventory data using ground measurements paired with remote sensing data
    • built and maintained a suite of Python and R packages for processing remote sensing data and rendering model predictions.
    • implemented rigorous statistical methods for generating model-assisted estimates of forest structure
  • Operated and configured the cloud computing infrastucture to generate forest inventory estimates for millions of acres
  • Communicated with industrial forest management companies to understand their forest inventory data needs


MS Sustainable Forest Management

Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR | 2016

Thesis: Forest Soils and Topography : Decoding the Influence of Physical Site Characteristics on Soil Water and Forest Productivity in Oregon’s Coast Ranges

BS Forest Resources

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN | 2014